Christ Centered Worship: Letting the Gospel Shape Our Practice (Hardcover)

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Christ-Centered Worship

Author: Bryan Chapell

“An astonishingly helpful and useful book. It is theologically rich, especially when it comes to showing, in detail, how the nature of the gospel ought to shape our public services. . . . Only the most ignorant could not profit enormously from this thoughtful and stimulating book.”
D. A. Carson, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

The church's worship has always been shaped by its understanding of the gospel. Here Bryan Chapell, author of the well-regarded text Christ-Centered Preaching, provides churches with a Christ-centered understanding of worship to enable them to transcend the traditional / contemporary worship debate and unite in ministry and mission priorities. Churches will learn how to shape their worship based on Christ's ministry to and through them and will be challenged to let the gospel shape every element of their corporate worship.

Christ-Centered Worship brings historical and biblical perspective to discussions about worship, demonstrating that the gospel has shaped key liturgical traditions and should also shape contemporary worship. It then addresses practical issues; looks outward to the church's mission; and provides resources for worship planning, encouraging readers to identify their church's specific gospel calling as the basis for making decisions about worship. The book will be useful to worship and ministry professors and students at the seminary level, pastors, worship leaders, worship planning committees, and missionaries.

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––

Part 1: Gospel Worship

  1. The Gospel of Structure
  2. The Roman Story
  3. Luther’s Story
  4. Calvin’s Story
  5. Westminster’s Story
  6. The Modern Story
  7. The Gospel Story
  8. Christ’s Story
  9. “Re-presenting” Christ’s Story
  10. The Mission of Christ-Centered Worship
  11. The Aspects of Christ-Centered Worship
  12. The Components of Christ-Centered Worship

Part 2: Gospel Worship Resources

  1. Call to Worship
  2. Affirmation of Faith
  3. Confession of Sin
  4. Assurance of Pardon
  5. Rubrics: Transitions
  6. Historic Components
  7. Scripture-Reading History and Practice
  8. Christ-Centered Sermons
  9. Benedictions and Charges
  10. Worship Service Examples
  11. Communion Services
  12. Musical Styles

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