Visual Outline Charts of the New Testament, Revised and Expanded Edition

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Author: M. Scott Bashoor

For students of the New Testament, discerning the coherence of the text is imperative for an accurate understanding of its message. To ensure that context is maintained and individual components are analyzed, a thorough approach is needed—one that surveys the "big picture" of each book. Visual Outline Charts of the New Testament offers such an approach through concise outlines presented as simple and aesthetically pleasing charts. This revised and expanded edition offers fresh material including enhanced format and color schemes as well as helpful introductions for each NT book. In addition to numerous contextual insights, reasons are provided for the author's preferred outline movements of the inspired text. A proven teaching aid in Bible colleges, seminaries, and local churches, VOCNT will help Bible students of all levels understand the complexity, unity, and interconnected nature of the New Testament.

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