Expository Sanctification

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Expository Sanctification is not a book on preaching for pastors, it is a book on preaching for Christians. Most believers will listen to thousands of sermons in their life,but may not understand how important these sermons are to their holiness. God designed the proclamation of His Word to have a sanctifying effect on His people. In order to benefit from this means of grace God’s people must understand the important role that expository preaching plays in the work of sanctification. This study will help you understand what you should expect from preaching and how preaching can benefit your spiritual growth.Paul Shirley serves as the Pastor of Grace Community Church in Wilmington, DE. He is a graduate of The Expositors Seminary (M.Div)and The Masters Seminary (D.Min), His other books include: Free to be Holy (with Jerry Wragg), The Irony of the Cross, and The Christian Home.

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