Good Mr. Baxter

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Author: Vance Salisbury

J.I. Packer, theologian and author of "Knowing God" called Richard Baxter "the most outstanding pastor, evangelist and writer on practical and devotional themes that Puritanism produced." Reflecting on the life of Baxter, John Wilkins, bishop of Chester concluded, "if he had lived in the primitive time he had been one of the fathers of the church." He was a best-selling author, evangelist and statesman, yet he considered the pastoral ministry the highest calling anyone could aspire to. When George Whitefield, the eighteenth century Methodist evangelist, passed through Baxter's rural parish a century after his death, he noted the lingering "sweet savor of good Mr. Baxter's doctrine, works and discipline." What transformed this country pastor with little formal education or training into one of the most effective and fruitful Christian leaders of all time? Good Mr. Baxter offers examples, insights and wisdom from the life and death of Richard Baxter to spur on contemporary leaders to energetic, practical, Gospel-centered ministry in the Church.

About the Author:

"I am a father of three, grandfather of two and husband of one. I was a bi-vocational pastor for 24 years, a flesh-eating bacteria survivor and the last Postmaster of Camptonville. I write for pleasure, out of passion for the people and subjects I am writing about." -Vance Salisbury

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