If I Could Speak

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Author -  Jones Mark

‘Dear Mommy…’

So begins the correspondence from an unborn baby to her mother. Making an impassioned plea to her mother to not abort her, she shares her hopes and fears with the woman who can control whether she lives or dies. These letters are an appeal to all who read them to choose life.

… beautiful and yet unflinchingly honest, emotional and yet filled with objective truth, creative and yet focused on matters of life and death. It was written by a well–respected theologian, and yet it is very simple to read. And if this book has come in to your hands, reading it is exactly what I would encourage you to do. It won’t take long, but it may change everything. 
-Megan Hill

Imagine granting an innocent child a public hearing before they were led off to be killed. This innovative book re–awakens to the true horrors of abortion by humanizing what’s at stake. Mark Jones has taken imaginative writing to a new level on behalf of the most vulnerable people in our world, the unborn. Can we listen to them? Will we give them a hearing?
-Tony Reinke

Nothing is more personal than the beginning of a child’s life in the womb―or the termination of that life by abortion. If I Could Speak gives a voice to an unborn child, and her appeals to her parents to allow her to live are deeply moving and profoundly illuminating. Using sanctified imagination and yet solemn reality,  Mark Jones provides us with the best book that I have ever read to reach both mind and soul on the dreadful holocaust of abortion. You simply must read this book―it will move you to biblical tears, righteous anger and heartfelt prayer simultaneously―and then pass it on to many others.
-Joel R. Beeke

I love the fact that Mark Jones has added his God–given skills to the call that is getting louder and louder to bring to a screeching halt the wanton slaughter of unborn babies. ‘If I Could Speak is an imaginative and impassioned appeal to the conscience that enables us to hear the voice that is often drowned by our emotions. May this voice and appeal be heeded!
-Conrad Mbewe

Pregnancy can be scary. It will change your life. Can you do this? Now? There are so many uncertainties, so many questions. From the creative, unique perspective of receiving letters from the womb, If I Could Speak will address your fears, insecurities, and what really matters. This little book may be just the blessing you need right now to bring clarity in a stressful time. I pray that it will be read widely.
-Aimee Byrd

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