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Read Aloud Bible Stories #2

Ella Lindvall $13.49 Regular Price: $14.99

"Read to me!" is a popular request parents hear from their children. How better to fulfill this wish than to read a Bible storybook written and illustrated just for kids?

The award-winning Read Aloud Bible Stories series has delighted children, parents, and teachers for decades. Written by Ella K. Lindvall and illustrated by Kent Puckett, these timeless stories of the Bible are retold in clear, simple language children will enjoy and understand. And parents will appreciate the care taken to simplify the stories without sacrificing any accuracy.

Perfect for reading aloud or for early readers themselves, Read Aloud Bible Stories are a great way to ingrain God's truth into your child's heart early on. Plus, the 'What Did You Learn?' page at the end of every story helps children understand how God's Word applies to them today. Volume 2:

  • Simon and His Boat
  • The Boy Who Went Away
  • The Boy Who Shared His Lunch
  • The Man Who Helped
  • A Sad Day and a Happy Day
  • Hardcover. 160 pp.

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