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I Stand in Awe - CD

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This compilation contains twelve of the most beloved songs from the nearly 300 songs for worship published by Sovereign Grace since the mid-1980s. Newly arranged and re-recorded, these songs feature cross-centered lyrics set in a modern worship sound.
Project producer Steve Cook worked with song producers Otto Price, and Dwayne Larring and Jason Halbert (formerly of SONICFLOOd) on a number of songs, including the title track, “I Stand in Awe,” by Mark Altrogge.

    Track Listing:
  1. Haven’t You Been Good
  2. The Highest Glory
  3. You’re So Good to Me
  4. Make His Praise
  5. I Stand in Awe
  6. In the Presence
  7. We Sing Your Mercies
  8. Most High
  9. How High and How Wide
  10. You Are Lord
  11. Faithful God
  12. As Long As I Have Breath
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