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Jubilant Sykes Sings Copland and Spirituals

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Jubilant Sykes Sings Copland and Spirituals
London Symphony Orchestra, Andrew Litton, Conductor

Traditional Spirituals

  1. City Called Heaven
  2. Ride On, King Jesus
  3. Were You There?
  4. Weepin' Mary
  5. Go Down, Moses
  6. Leanin' On That Lamb
  7. My God Is So high
  8. Witness

Old American Songs
Aaron Copland (1900-1990)

    Set 1
  1. The Boatmen's Dance
  2. The Dodger
  3. Long Time Ago
  4. Simple Gifts
  5. I Bought Me a Cat
    Set 2
  1. The Little Horses
  2. Zion's Walls
  3. The Golden Willow Tree
  4. At The River
  5. Ching-a-Ring Chaw

18 tracks
Total time 47:18 minutes

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