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NASB Thinline Italian Duo-Tone™ (Black/Tan)

NASB Update $22.49 Regular Price: $29.99 The NASB, long respected for its literal translation approach, is now available in Italian Duo-Tone™ for the first time. With the popularity of Italian Duo-Tone™ bindings in other translations, the loyal NASB customer is bound to be glad to see their favorite translation now available with attractive new covers. Features include: • Great size for traveling – 5¾” x 8¼” • Extra-thin at under one inch thick • Full text of the New American Standard Bible, 1995 updated • Concordance • Full-color map set • Promises and Perspectives from the Bible • Words of Christ in red • 1,100 pages • Italian Duo-Tone™ Leather • Black & Tan colors.
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