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Daily Readings from the Life of Christ, Vol 1

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This devotional book by John MacArthur is meant for every believer. Jesus Christ is the climactic centerpiece of all God's work—past, present, and future—and this daily devotional focuses on Christ and His Word. With insights on the life of Jesus, thoughts to ponder, and wisdom gleaned from years of careful study, Daily Readings from the Life of Christ delivers a fresh realization of the grace of God in Christ for each day. Your hungry heart will be focused on God and His Word.

Excerpt from the cover: “The Christian walk is ...exactly that. A walk. A daily walk. A relentless, systematic, regular pursuit of God. It's not a sprint, where exhaustion and collapse are inevitable, and it's not a crawl where forward progress and a sense of growing intimacy with God are nearly immeasurable. The goal of this series is to help you develop consistency in reading and meditating on the truths of the Bible- and to equip you for your journey with directions you can understand from a trustworthy guide.”

This first volume will take you through the first year of our Saviour’s public ministry.

366 Daily Readings.

384 pp. Hardcover.

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Other volumes available too.

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