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1 Chronicles TOTC

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The Chronicler wrote as a pastoral theologian. The congregation he addressed was an Israel separated from its former days of blessing by a season of judgment. The books of 1 and 2 Chronicles bring a divine word of healing and reaffirm the hope of restoration to a nation that needed to regain its footing in God's promises and to reshape its life before God.

Martin Selman provides a full introduction that surveys the Chronicler's method, summarizing the major theological themes.

274 pp. Softcover.

Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries
Affirming the divine inspiration, essential trustworthiness and practical relevance of Scripture, this widely respected series of commentaries provides students of the Bible with a thorough and judicious coverage of each book in the Old Testament. Each volume presents an introduction to the major critical questions and themes of the Old Testament book under consideration, followed by a concise, passage-by-passage interpretation. Written with the educated layperson in mind, these commentaries have also proven their worth for pastors and scholars.

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