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ESV MacArthur Drawing Near Devotional Bible TruTon

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Many believers struggle with consistent Bible reading, or feel their time in God’s Word is not as effective as they would like it to be. The MacArthur Drawing Near Devotional Bible was created for such believers, combining a reading plan with reflections from an experienced Bible teacher. It features devotional material from Drawing Near, written by Dr. John MacArthur. For years, Drawing Near has helped readers grow in the discipline of effective Bible reading, and it is now available alongside the full ESV Bible text.

The MacArthur Drawing Near Devotional Bible is organized by the calendar year, with each day presenting an assigned passage accompanied by a brief devotional. Throughout the course of the year, readers will work their way through the entire Bible. Drawing from MacArthur’s forty-plus years of teaching and personal study, the Drawing Near material combines an expository approach to the Bible text with application to daily life. Each devotional also features suggestions for prayer and further study.

  • Black letter text
  • Double-column, paragraph format
  • 366 devotionals from John MacArthur’s Drawing Near

1,600pp. TruTone®, Charcoal/Sage, Trail Design.

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