John MacArthur

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Inerrant Word, The
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Inerrant Word, The

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John MacArthur

Foreward by R.C. Sproul

Contributions by: Alistair Begg, Mark Dever, Kevin DeYoung, Sinclair B. Ferguson, Michael J. Kruger, R. Albert Mohler Jr., Stephen J. Nichols, Carl R. Trueman, William Barrick, Greg Beale, Nathan Busenitz, Abner Chou, J. Ligon Duncan III, John M. Frame, Ian Hamilton, Brad Klassen, Steven J. Lawson, Iain Murray, Miguel Núñez, Derek W. H. Thomas, Michael Vlach, Matt Waymeyer

Because God has made himself known in his Word, a commitment to a high view of Scripture is of paramount importance. Sadly, more and more people—not only from outside the church but also from within—are denying the complete truthfulness of God’s Word.

Edited by pastor John MacArthur, this compilation of essays by a host of evangelical pastors, theologians, historians, and biblical scholars contends that the Bible is completely true and without error—a foundational belief for those who claim to honor God and his Word. Exploring key Bible passages, events from church history, common criticisms, and pastoral applications, the contributors in this volume instill Christians with both the certainty and the courage to defend the inerrancy of God’s Word—the means by which God has revealed himself and awakens sinners from death to life.

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