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Ecclesiastes (Redesign): Why Everything Matters

Philip Graham Ryken $24.74 Regular Price: $32.99

The book of Ecclesiastes is, above all else, unflinchingly honest.

Whether wrestling with the tedium of work, the injustices of life, the ravages of age, or the inevitability of death, this enigmatic Old Testament book takes a hard look at the way the world really is. And yet, as Phil Ryken points out in this instructive commentary, Ecclesiastes wisely teaches people to trust God in the midst of such struggles.

Written with pastors and Bible teachers in mind, this newly revised commentary will equip readers to better understand, explain, and apply the message of Ecclesiastes, highlighting the book’s enduring relevance as a testament to the ultimate duty of all people: fearing God and keeping his commandments.

320 pp. Hardcover.

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