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Generations Of Grace Teacher Book Year 1 Book 1

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This is the first book in the Year 1 teacher book series. It contains 16 lessons designed to take you and your children through the book of Genesis. Each lesson is accompanied by teaching outlines, questions, and activities appropriate for three different age groups: Ages 3-5, ages 6-8, and ages 9-11.

This section is designed to edify and equip teachers and guide you through the preperation of an age appropriate Bible lesson.

  • Central Truth - Identifies the theme and focal point of each lesson.
  • Supporting Truths - Provides appropriate objectives for mastering the central truth of the lessson.
  • Spotlight on the Gospel - Explains how each lesson connects to the gospel.
  • Lesson Commentary - Expounds on the Scripture from each lesson to communicate the truth of each lesson to the teacher's heart and mind.
    Use the child involvement resources to engage children from the moment they walt into the classroom until pick-up time.

  • Outlines - Guide both teachers and children through the lesson.
  • Lesson Questions - Foster greater interactions between teacher and child through thought provoking questions.
  • Activities- Creative opening ideas, visual aids, and crafts to introduce, illustrate, and apply lesson.
  • Paperback. 162 pp.