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Family Devotional Generations Of Grace

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This family devotinal is designed to supplement the Year 1 Sunday Morning lessons throughout the week and grow parents and children in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, by studying and examining scripture together. Family Devotional includes:

  • Five-Day Devotional- Guides families through the Generations of Grace lesson, a cross-reference passage, and a passage about Christ to lead the family through the whole counsel of God.
  • Generations of Grace Passages - Reinforces the lesson that your child learned in Sunday School.
  • Cross-Reference Passage - Points to another passage that reinforces the central truth of each week's lesson.
  • Christ-Centered Passage- Connects each week's lesson to Jesus Christ and to the gospel.
  • Explain - Helps the parent dig deeper into the passage and prepares them to lead their child through the devotional.
  • Ask - Helps foster greater interaction between parents and children of all ages, through a series of questions pertaining to the lesson.
  • Discuss - Helps facilite deeper conversation between families by providing thought provoking discussion topics.
  • Paperback. 184 pp.

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