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Big Umbrella

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The Big Umbrella and Other Essays and Addresses on Biblical Counseling

The Big Umbrella is a collection of essays and addresses given by the author in the early 70's. In it, Jay Adams, perhaps the central figure in the “nouthetic,” or Biblical Counseling Movement, discusses a wide variety of subjects all dealing in some way with counseling from a biblical perspective. Dr. Adams confronts and dismantles the common notion of modern psychology that all people with emotional and behavioral problems are “sick,” and presents instead a sound argument that sin and our rebellious nature are at the core of these issues.

Written in an informal way, this volume will be an absolute necessity for both the trained biblical counselor who needs a solid reference book and the average Christian in the pew who wants a thorough introduction to this most important subject.


  • The Big Umbrella
  • Is Society Sick?
  • Grief as a Counseling Opportunity
  • Evangelism as Counseling
  • Demon Possession and Counseling
  • You Are Your Brother's Counselor
  • How You Can Get the Most Out of Counseling
  • Can Your Marriage Succeed Today?
  • Parental Sex Education
  • Drugs and Your Child
  • Group Therapy—or Slander?
  • The Christian School Teacher and His Disciples

280 pp. Paperback.

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