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Well-Driven Nails

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The Power of Finding Your Own Voice

At its core this book is about everything seminary and academics never taught us about preaching. Professors don't produce preachers. Preachers are hewn out of the rough granite of experience and time. I had the privilege of sitting down with some of the most notable preachers of our day and pilfering their hard-earned wisdom and insights. Well-Driven Nails is an accounting of what I learned from these true 'professors' of the craft. But, it is also more than a book on preaching. It's about a journey every preacher must take if he is to be a fearless proclaimer of Christ in a room full of critics. It is about finding one's own voice. In this sense it also applies to everyone who struggles to overcome the fear of man in their devotion to Christ.


“Zeroing in especially on qualities like clarity, simplicity, and passion, Byron hits all the right notes. Every preacher who wants to be an effective expositor should read this book and take it to heart.”
Dr. John MacArthur
Pastor-Teacher Grace Community Church
President The Master's College and Seminary

“Experienced preachers as well as those just starting out will benefit much from getting clear on what matters most in our preaching, and Well-Driven Nails will help much in pointing us all in the right direction.”
Bruce A. Ware, PhD
Professor of Christian Theology
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Through interviewing three of the most notable preachers of 21st-century North America in areas of their giftedness—Dr. John MacArthur on clarity, Dr. R. C. Sproul on simplicity, and Dr. John Piper—this fascinating book is a tonic and help for every Spirit-anointed preacher who wants to journey beyond seminary mediocrity to find liberation in exegesis, freedom in the pulpit, and above all, discovery of his own voice in faithfully expounding God's Word in and out of season. If you want to grow in pulpit authenticity and freedom from being a clone in preaching, read this gripping book prayerfully and slowly. You won't be sorry.
Dr. Joel R. Beeke
President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids

152 pp. Hardcover