Jesus & the Feminists

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Author - Margaret Elizabeth Kostenberger

The feminist movement has changed the way evangelicals view not only themselves, but also the very Word of God. Jesus and the Feminists begins by offering a brief survey of the feminist movement, revealing the radical misunderstanding of Jesus that has resulted from this movement. Margaret Köstenberger then critiques the relevant works of well-known feminist scholars and the ways they interpret certain passages of Scripture related to Jesus and his approach to women.

This practical resource points the way to a better understanding of the biblical message regarding Jesus’ stance toward women and offers both men and women a biblical view of their roles in the church and the home.


“Köstenberger shows conclusiely that the attempts of a long series of scholars to find Jesus affirming women's leadership in some way have entirely failed. Surely this is an important cautionary tale for our times.”
J.I. Packer


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