Just Like Jesus - SET

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Author - Phil Moser

Just Like Jesus Set includes: 74 page book, 20 Sctipture Cards, and the Accountability Plan Study Guide

About Just Like Jesus: Throughout his earthly life Jesus grew increasingly reliant upon three spiritual resources. These same resources are available to you today. Just Like Jesus explores Jesus’ growth and humble reliance on: prayer, the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit. Change is possible, but only as you trust in the resources Jesus used. He walked where you walk so that you can learn to walk just like him.

About the Scripture Retrieval System: Key memory verses have been selected to accompany Just Like Jesus: biblical strategies for growing well. Scripture retrieval is an essential resource for Christian living. To expose temptation’s deception we memorize ten verses in the lie/truth formula. To weaken temptation’s appeal we learn ten promises about the character of God and the nature of the gospel. To aid in understanding, biblical commentary is found on the back of each card.

About the Scripture Retrieval System: The guide accompanies the book Just Like Jesus: biblical strategies for growing well. It is intended to assist you in personal study, counseling or discipleship. It can also be used to lead a small group study through Just Like Jesus

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