Marks of a Healthy Church (Audio CD)

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Author: John MacArthur


Follow the agenda set by church growth experts, business strategists, and opinion surveys, and you’re likely to conclude that building a successful church demands shorter services, larger parking lots, better equipped nurseries, more entertainment, and above all, less preaching and teaching from the Bible.

But John MacArthur contends that the church is not a business, success is not its goal, leadership qualifications aren’t negotiable, and its health is not measured in size, market share, bank account, programs, or its influence or popularity with the world.

So what is the standard for greatness when it comes to your local church? MacArthur’s classic study Marks of a Healthy Church identifies the traits that, when true of a church, lead to effectiveness and spiritual growth in the congregation and the community. Learn how you can develop your spiritual gifts in a way that builds up your fellow believers.


This sermon series includes the following 8 messages:

  • What in the World Is the Church to Be?, Part 1
    Selected Scriptures Aug 8 1971 1207
  • What in the World Is the Church to Be?, Part 2
    Selected Scriptures Aug 15 1971 1208
  • What God Wants the Church to Be
    Selected Scriptures Jan 4 1976 1237
  • The Calling of the Church
    Ephesians 1:4–14
    Nov 15 1981 1284
  • Marks of an Effective Church, Part 1
    Selected Scriptures Jun 8 1975 1306
  • Marks of an Effective Church, Part 2
    Selected Scriptures Jun 15 1975 1307
  • Doing the Lord's Work in the Lord's Way, Part 1
    1 Corinthians 16:5–9
    Nov 20 1977 1886
  • Doing the Lord's Work in the Lord's Way, Part 2
    1 Corinthians 16:9–12
    Nov 27 1977 1887
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