Paul's Vision for the Deacons: Assisting the Elders with the Care of God's Church

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Paul's Vision for the Deacons

Author: Alexander Strauch

"My intention in writing this book is to encourage my deacon friends and fellow church leaders to think more critically about wha they are saying, what they are doing, and what Scripture actually teaches about deacons.”

Alexander Strauch

Views on the roles of deacons vary widely among evangelical Christians. What does Scripture actually teach about deacons and their role in the church?

Views range from deacons being the board of directors, to the church building maintenance crew. Whatever your view, I urge you to use this study to examine in detail the biblical facts on deacons, allowing those facts to guide your thinking about deacons. This close look at the key texts offers Christians an opportunity to build broader agreement among our bible-believing churches as to what deacons do.

A 120-page study guide is available as a companion to the text, making this material an excellent tool for training deacons, and the elders who lead them. Sample chapters can be downloaded below.

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––

  1. What Do Deacons Do? & Paul’s Instructions Regarding Deacons
  • Human Traditions Versus Direct Biblical Instructions
  1. The Church Overseers, the Elders
  • The Terminology Battle
  • Biblical References to Elders
  1. Deacons, Assistants to the Elders
  • Is Bob a Deacon?
  1. Assisting the Elders with the Care of God’s Church
  • The Necessity of Good Organization in God’s Household
  • Design a Job Description
  • Some Basic Principles for Effective Communication
  1. The Deacon’s Qualifications
  • The Power of the Purse
  • Study Romans
  • Biblical References on Blamelessness and Holiness
  1. Examination
  • Appointing Deacons
  • A Sample Deacon Evaluation Survey
  1. Wives
  • Prohibition Against Malicious Gossip, Slander, and Backbiting
  1. Marriage, Children, and Household
  • God’s Design for Marriage
  • Know the “Sayings of the Wise” (Prov 24:23)
  1. Rewards
  • Spiritual Laziness Versus Spiritual Diligence
  • People Business

Appendix: The Deacons’ Wives

  • Final Questions and Assignments
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