Power of Christian Contentment: Finding Deeper, Richer Christ-Centered Joy

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The Power of Christian Contentment

Author: Andrew Davis


In 1643, Puritan pastor Jeremiah Burroughs wrote a work titled The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment that has as much resonance in our discontented day as it did in his. Now pastor and author Andrew M. Davis helps us rediscover the remarkable truths found in this largely forgotten work. With powerful new illustrations and a keen sense of all that makes modern Christians restless, Davis challenges us to confront the sources of discontent in our lives and embrace Paul's teaching on contentment in all circumstances.

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––

Part 1: The Secret of Contentment

  1. A Rare Jewel in a Discontented World
  2. Paul Teaches the Secret of Christian Contentment

Part 2: How to Find Contentment

  1. The Definition of Christian Contentment
  2. Contentment and Providence
  3. The Mysterious Mindset of Contentment
  4. How Christ Teaches Contentment

Part 3: The Value of Contentment

  1. The Excellence of Christian Contentment
  2. The Evils and Excuses of a Complaining Heart
  3. Contentment in Suffering
  4. Contentment in Prosperity

Part 4: Keeping Content

  1. Contentment Is Not Complacency
  2. How to Attain and Protect Contentment


"If there was ever a time a distracted and exhausted church needed this message, it is today."       

J.D. Greear, pastor, The Summit Church, Raleigh-Durham, NC; president, Southern Baptist Convention

"While the world, including many Christians, chases the siren song of happiness and fulfillment in culture, Andrew Davis reminds us what the apostle Paul taught us: true contentment can only be found in Christ. This book is powerful. It is needed. And it is so biblically relevant in a world that desperately needs this message."

Thom Rainer, president and CEO, Church Answers; author of I Am a Church MemberAutopsy of a Deceased Church, and Simple Church

"In a world characterized by so much discontent, some of it serious and some of it laughably trivial, the virtue of contentment is a rare treasure. This is a book to savor and reread, and then pass on to others."

D.A. Carson, research professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"Let this book guide you to a deeper faith in the gospel and a richer experience of contentment and hope in God's providence."

R. Albert Mohler Jr., president, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

About the Author:

Andrew M. Davis is pastor of First Baptist Church of Durham, North Carolina, and a visiting professor of church history at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Chairman of the governance committee of The Gospel Coalition, Davis has written articles for TGC's popular website and has spoken in plenary and breakout sessions at TGC's national conference. He is the author of Revitalize and An Infinite Journey, named by Tim Challies as one of the top ten books of 2014.

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