Sketches from Church History (Student Workbook)

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Author - Rebecca Frawley

Since its first appearance in 1980, Sketches from Church History by S. M. Houghton has been a firm favourite with those seeking an overview of the onward march of the church of Christ from its earliest days to the end of the nineteenth century. Here at last , said one reviewer, is a book which makes church history enjoyable. More recently Sketches has become established as a textbook in Christian schools and among home-schooling families, and one list of favourite home-school books on placed it third overall in general usefulness. Now teachers and home-schoolers have a new tool to make Sketches even more useful: a Workbook on Sketches from Church History by Rebecca Frawley. Complete with an 18-week course syllabus, questions and answers, charts, time lines, maps, puzzles, and essay topics, this Workbook will be an invaluable companion to Sketches from Church History. It is spiral-bound for ease of use.

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