Social Anxiety (Single)

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Author - Amy Baker

I'm just shy. You've worn the label for so long that it has become your identity. A counselor recently described it as social anxiety, but the new label does nothing to ease the pain. You wish you could feel ""comfortable in your own skin"" but instead, in social situations, you feel anxious and out of place. Where can you go for help? In Social Anxiety: Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin, Amy Baker of Faith Biblical Counseling explains that confidence in God, not self-confidence, is the answer to the problem of social anxiety. Trusting in God breaks the paralyzing grip of fear, freeing formerly ""shy"" people to enter fully into relationship with God and others. All the minibooks in our Christian bookstore offer gospel-centered hope for everyday issues like parenting, marriage, and personal change. These easy-to-read discipleship and biblical counseling resources tackle lifes toughest issues in 30 minutes or less. Minibooks are frequently used by pastors and ministry leaders to help others apply biblical wisdom to specific life issues. Churches, biblical counseling ministries, and missional organizations make the minibooks available in their acrylic display cases to further discipleship and gospel-centered living.

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