The Birth of the King (Audio CD)

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Author: John MacArthur


You’ve probably heard bits and pieces of the Christmas story for years.

But how well do you know the most important, often misunderstood truths behind the story?

Was the virgin birth essential for Christ to accomplish His earthly ministry? Who were the wise men and how did they fit into God’s plan? How do the responses of those who witnessed Jesus’ birth compare to responses still common today?

John MacArthur’s look at The Birth of the King may help you see for the first time beneath-the-surface truth—including the makings of the greatest power struggle of all time, between the infant King Jesus and a fearful rival.

Amid the crush of the Christmas season, make time to experience The Birth of the King.


This sermon series includes the following 7 messages:

  • The Gracious King
    Matthew 1:1–17
    Jan 15 1978 2180
  • The Virgin Birth
    Matthew 1:18–25
    Jan 22 1978 2181
  • Who Were the Wise Men?
    Matthew 2:1
    Feb 5 1978 2182
  • Fools and Wise Men, Part 1
    Matthew 2:1–3
    Feb 12 1978 2183
  • Fools and Wise Men, Part 2
    Matthew 2:4–12
    Feb 19 1978 2184
  • The King Fulfills Prophecy, Part 1
    Matthew 2:13–15
    Mar 5 1978 2185
  • The King Fulfills Prophecy, Part 2
    Matthew 2:16–23
    Mar 12 1978 2186
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