The Forest and the Trees

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Author - Michael Riccardi

More than just a single book, the bible is something of a library of several volumes - with books of history, biography, poetry, and ethical instruction, written by over forty different authors throughout 1,500 years. And yet it is not a random assortment of literature with no unifying center. Amid the great variety, Scripture tells a single story.

It is common for interpreters of Scripture to focus on either the unity or the distinctive diversity of the Bible. In this compact volume, Michael Riccardi helpfully guides the student of Scripture to miss neither the forest for the trees not the trees for the forest. He concisely surveys the big picture of redemptive history, and introduces the reader to basic principles of biblical interpretation. If we are to rightly understand what God has spoken to us, we need to understand the individual parts according to their own unique features, and we need to understand those parts in light of the whole - how the individual pieces relate to the big picture. We need to see the forest and the trees.

Paperback. 65 pp.

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