The Lion of Princeton: B.B. Warfield as Apologist

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Author - Kim Riddlebarger

Take a fresh look at the work of B.B. Warfield. 'The Lion of Princeton,' as he was known, was in many ways the most significant American apologist, polemicist, and theologian of his age. However, despite the resurging interest in Warfield's life and work, his views are often misunderstood.

In The Lion of Princeton, Kim Riddlebarger investigates Warfield's theological, apologetical, and polemical writings, bringing clarity to the confusion surrounding this key figure of the Princeton tradition. He provides a biographical overview of Warfield's life, traces the growing appreciation for Warfield's thought, evaluates the fundamental structures in Warfield's overall theology, and examines Warfield's work in the field of systematic theology.

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