The Love of God (Audio CD)

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Author: John MacArthur


God’s Love Reaches Out 

Perfect love is what God has promised to do and to be. In love He reaches out to you—love not based on shifting emotions or what you deserve, but bound up in the very nature of who He is.

But can you really take Him at His word? If God is love, how do you explain those nagging questions we all have but dare never ask aloud?

Does God love everyone the same?

How can a loving God allow people to suffer?

If God loves the world, why did He choose to save only some and not everyone?

If God’s nature is to love, how can He be so filled with wrath and judgment toward sinners?

In The Love of God, John MacArthur offers a passionate, well-argued defense for what the love of God is—and what it is not. This series tackles the difficult questions head on and provides frank, thoroughly biblical answers.


This sermon series includes the following 6 messages:

  • The Love of God, Part 1
    Selected Scriptures Dec 4 1994 90-77
  • The Love of God, Part 2
    Selected Scriptures Dec 18 1994 90-78
  • The Love of God, Part 3
    Selected Scriptures Dec 25 1994 90-79
  • The Love of God, Part 4
    Selected Scriptures Jan 1 1995 90-80
  • The Love of God, Part 5
    Selected Scriptures Jan 8 1995 90-81
  • The Love of God, Part 6
    Selected Scriptures Jan 15 1995 90-82
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