Total Truth (Paperback with Study Guide)

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Author - Nancy Pearcey

With compelling examples from the struggles of real people, Pearcey shows how to liberate Christianity from its cultural captivity. She walks readers through practical, hands-on steps for developing a full-orbed Christian worldview. She also makes a passionate case that Christianity is not just religious truth but truth about total reality. It is total truth.

Total Truth is a powerful treaties that will reestablish the biblical assertion that the bible is not a truth among many. Rather it is 'Total Truth' speaking into every category and chapter of our lives. Nancy Pearcy will clearly show you how you can tear down the divisions that keep your Christian faith compartmentalized among other areas of your life. The book will guide you into a firmer understanding that the Bible, and it alone, is sufficient for living a holistic Christian faith of integrity in this day and age.

We all live according to a worldview, it's time to examine and make sure that our worldview is biblical.

“BOLD MANIFESTO... may well be one of the most important Christian books of our times.”
Al Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Pearcey takes us into truer and worthier witness in our increasingly secularized world. All will profit mightily from what is written here.”
J. I. Packer, Professor of Theology, Regent College

Winner of the The Gold Medallion Book Award, Total Truth now includes a Study Guide that is based on questions and comments raised by readers of the book, and it is ideal for individual or group study.

512 pp. Softcover.

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