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What to Look for In a Pastor

Author: Brian Biedebach

What to look for in a Pastor:A Guide for Pastoral Search Committees

Finding the right pastor is critical in the life of a church. But most churches rely on the inexperienced and sometimes blinded pulpit committees, which often gamble with the selection of their candidates because they usually don’t have a clear understanding of biblical guidelines for choosing a pastor.

So how does a church find the right man for its pulpit? This book is designed to assist pastoral search committees by discussing the issues that surround six fundamental questions: Can the man preach effectively? What else should he do as pastor? Is he qualified? Is he theologically sound? Does his practical theology match his written theology? And how can a church find this man? Search committee members, church leaders, pastors who desire to keep the right balance between preaching and other shepherding responsibilities, and all who want to learn more about the role of a pastor will be helped by the clarity Brian Biedebach brings to this subject.

"Perhaps no process in all of church life is more fraught with pitfalls and hazards than the task of choosing a new pastor. Pastoral search committees often consist of marginally-equipped lay people who are utterly inexperienced when it comes to examining a pastor and evaluating his giftedness. In many cases, members of search committees themselves could not pass the most elementary doctrinal exam, and they are often totally clueless about how to choose a pastor to lead and feed the flock. What to Look for in a Pastor is filled with sound advice and solid help for churches seeking pastors. Brian Biedebach’s book fills a void that has needed to be addressed for a very long time. I’m very grateful to DayOne for publishing this book." —Phil Johnson, Grace to You, USA

208pp. Paperback.

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