Who Is Jesus, Anyway? (Audio CD)

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Author: John MacArthur


“Who do you say that I am?”

There’s no going back now—you’ve seen the question, asked by Jesus Himself. Now you have to answer it. At stake: your eternal future and where you’re going to spend it—in heaven, or in hell.

That’s the urgent tone of the series Who Is Jesus, Anyway? In it, John MacArthur brings you to life’s crossroad question—Who is Jesus?—and confronts you with the claims Scripture makes about Him. You’ll discover His identity. You’ll see what He accomplished. And you’ll be warned with compassion, but with no hard truth withheld, about the tragic consequences of rejecting Christ.

Make sure you answer the question, Who Is Jesus, Anyway?


This sermon series includes the following 4 messages:

  • Who Is This Jesus?
    Selected Scriptures Nov 21 2004 90-279
  • The Humility and Exaltation of Christ
    Philippians 2:6–11
    Nov 28 2004 90-280
  • The Sufficiency of Christ Alone
    Colossians 2:8–23
    Dec 5 2004 90-281
  • The Authenticity of the Risen Savior
    Matthew 28:11–13
    Dec 12 2004 90-282
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