Expository Listening: A Handbook for Hearing and Doing God's Word

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Author - Ken Ramey


A Handbook for Hearing and Doing God's Word

Hearing is a precious thing. The apostle Paul says hearing is required for us even to have faith. Faith comes from hearing. Hearing is not enough though. There’s also heeding—and not all of those who hear heed. That is to say, even if the trillions of tiny pulsations of air pressure reach the unimaginably intricate machinery in your inner ear, where they are inexplicably translated into words that form ideas in your brain, you might not actually listen.

Almost every book of the Bible contains some reference to hearing and obeying God’s Word. From Genesis to Revelation—through the poets and prophets in the Old Testament and through Christ and the apostles in the New Testament—God beckons us to hear and heed Him. The God of the Bible commands us to listen to what He has said, and He threatens punishment if we don’t, while promising blessing if we do.

"I have a couple shelves full of books about expository preaching, all aimed, of course, at pastors. This is the first book I’ve ever read that offers insight and instruction for laypeople regarding how to listen to expository preaching. It’s a superbly practical—and long overdue—handbook, covering the subject thoroughly yet clearly and concisely. Ken Ramey is a fine preacher and expositor himself with a shepherd’s heart and a wonderful gift for teaching. I’m very grateful he has tackled this subject and given the church such an invaluable resource".
——John MacArthur, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA

"It is a powerful combination when a well-prepared preacher encounters a well-prepared congregation. Unfortunately, Christians often think it is the pastor alone who has an obligation to do any real preparation for the preaching event. The Bible has much to say to the contrary. I am grateful for Ken Ramey’s urgent call for all Christians to heed scriptural instructions regarding how we are to embrace the exposition of His Word. Expository Listening is a much-needed handbook for this neglected aspect of church life. It is my hope that God will mightily transform many congregations as preachers and listeners take their biblical roles seriously."
——Dr. Michael Fabarez, senior pastor, Compass Bible Churc

"Too often, churches are evaluated solely by how the pastor preaches. This is a place to start, but it is not the complete test. Of equal importance is how the people listen. With books on how to preach flourishing, how to listen to sermons is an area that has gone almost unnoticed, until now. Ken Ramey’s Expository Listening is a guide for how to listen to and profit from faithful preaching of God’s Word. It encourages the church attendee to move from being a passive member of an audience to being an active participant in the preaching and the worship of God, making Expository Listening a truly life-changing book. I know of nothing else like it."
——Rick Holland, executive pastor, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley CA

110 pp. Softcover.

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