A Believer's Assurance (Booklet)

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A Believer's Assurance

Author: John MacArthur

Most Christians at some point have to deal with two common concerns about salvation:
• How can I be sure I'm saved?
• Is it possible to lose my salvation?

Do you still struggle with the insecure feeling of not knowing for sure if you will go to heaven? How can you overcome that doubt?

It helps to know the different reasons that could lead you to question your salvation. In A Believer's Assurance, John MacArthur identifies eight eight hindrances to enjoying the blessings of assurance. He follows with a list of questions to help you think through why you may have doubts about your salvation, and what you can do to have victory.

Gain a deeper appreciation for Christ's work on the cross and enjoy the peace that surpasses understanding in this practical guide to victory over doubt!

16 pp. Softcover.

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