Abide: Understanding the Secrets of Living for Jesus

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Author: Warren W. Wiersbe

Do you know the secret of living?

In order to bear fruit, we must abide in Christ . . .

What is the secret of abiding? It is obeying; give God your will.

What is the secret of obeying? It is loving; give God your heart.

What is the secret of loving? It is knowing; give God your mind.

Christ gave His disciples complete instructions for living the abundant life. And He speaks to us today through His Word, saying: This life can be yours as well!

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In the Upper Room, Jesus Spoke These Words to His Disciples

Secret One: The Secret Of Living Is Fruitbearing

Secret Two: The Secret Of Fruitbearing Is Abiding

Secret Three: The Secret Of Abiding IS Obeying

Secret Four: The Secret Of Obeying Is Loving

Secret Five: The Secret of Loving Is Knowing

Paperback. 96 pp.

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