Be Reconciled with God

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Be Reconciled with God

Author: Andrew Gray

Be Reconciled with God presents twelve rare sermons preached by Andrew Gray. Each sermon is succinct and compelling, alluring and humbling. They are packed with both simple and profound thought communicated with almost tangible passion.

When Gray preached from a text that invites sinners to come to Jesus unconditionally, his whole sermon consisted of compelling invitations. When he preached on experiential themes, such as union and intimate communion with Christ, his whole sermon unpacked these riches. When he preached on texts that focus on our responsibility to sanctify ourselves before God, his whole sermon presses us on the particular aspect of sanctification that his text stresses. When the text selected contained a strong emphasis on warning against one kind of sin or another, his whole sermon conveyed a solemn, urgent warning note to abandon that sin and flee to Christ.

Gray was a preacher who was on fire, as it were, to bring his church family the whole counsel of God as contained in the variety of texts that he selected to preach. But each particular sermon focused like a laser beam on the text at hand. This helped make his sermons so compelling and powerful.

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––

  1. Christ’s Treaty of Peace with Sinners
  2. Christ’s Invitation to the Heavy Laden
  3. The Spiritual Marriage
  4. Believers are the Friends of God
  5. An Exhortation to Perseverance
  6. A Call to Behold One Greater than Solomon
  7. The Saint’s Resolution to Pay His Vows
  8. Self-conceit Proves Self-deceit
  9. The Greater Danger of Hypocrisy (Part 1)
  10. The Greater Danger of Hypocrisy (Part 2)
  11. The Great Prejudice of Slothfulness (Part 1)
  12. The Great Prejudice of Slothfulness (Part 2)
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