Benefiting From Life's Trials Study Guide (study guide)

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Benefiting From Life's Trials Study Guide (James 1:2-18)

Author: John MacArthur

It’s not a question of whether you’ll face trials. It’s just a matter of when. It could be that even today you’re discouraged as you struggle uphill, with more mountain ahead of you than behind, wondering when things will get easier.

Take heart. No matter what you’re facing today, or what you may have to face tomorrow, if you belong to God you can be confident there’s a powerful purpose in your pain. An illness, unemployment, a fractured relationship—even the death of a loved one—happens for specific reasons, all wrapped up in God’s sovereign, loving, nurturing embrace.

In Benefiting from Life’s Trials, John MacArthur helps you understand why a loving God allows bad things to happen, and how you can know real joy—and grow through the struggle—even in your darkest days.

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