Christ's Call to Reform the Church: Timeless Demands from the Lord to His People

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Christ's Call to Reform the Church

Author: John MacArthur

What does the church need to hear today?

As many have said, the church must always be reforming. It must continually move closer to a truer, more faithful expression of the gospel. The risen Christ’s powerful letters to the seven churches in Revelation are a guide to just that.

Based on John MacArthur’s exposition of these letters, Christ’s Call to Reform the Church is a plea to the modern church to heed these divine warnings, to reform before it succumbs to the kinds of compromise and error that invite God’s judgment.

Christ’s Call to Reform the Church admonishes the church today to learn from the mistakes God’s people have made in the past, rather than commit them again. The Word of God has many benefits, one of which is that it reveals our blind spots. That's what this book does—it shines a light on problems we didn't know we had. May it be embraced by Christians everywhere, spurring them toward the God-honoring, grace-driven work of continued reformation.

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––

  1. Calling the Church to Repent
  2. The Lord’s Work in His Church
  3. The Loveless Church: Ephesus
  4. The Persecuted Church: Smyrna
  5. The Compromising Church: Pergamum
  6. The Corrupt Church: Thyatira
  7. The Dead Church: Sardis
  8. The Faithful Church: Philadelphia
  9. The Lukewarm Church: Laodicea
  10. The Need for a New Reformation
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