Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead? A Surgeon-Scientist Examines the Evidence

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Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?

Author: Thomas A. Miller

Our ready embrace of the authority of science has left many doubting that Jesus’s resurrection was a verifiable, historical event. Despite the array of books written in defense of this foundational Christian doctrine, very few have engaged the issue from a scientific perspective. Filling that void, Thomas Miller, an experienced and well-respected surgeon, challenges the notion that modern medicine has disproved the possibility of the resurrection. Miller assesses the reliability of the documents, evaluates the credibility of the witnesses, and identifies the consequences following the event, concluding with a powerful reflection on the significance of the empty tomb for today. Through careful investigation of the evidence and a tireless pursuit of truth, he demonstrates that a compelling case can be made for the reality of the resurrection.

192 pp. Paperback.

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