Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs: Wisdom's Searching and Finding

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Ecclesiastes & Song of Songs

Author: Kathleen Buswell Nielson

This Bible Study has 10 Lessons.

Proven resources for deeper exploration of scripture, Living Word Bible Studies provide effective guidance for groups and individuals alike. Each lesson includes questions for five days, plus helpful context and commentary, to lead to ever-increasing satisfaction, discernment, and delight in God's Word.

Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs explores two beautiful Old Testament poetic books that answer two of life's deepest questions: "What is the meaning of life?" and "What is love?"

This new edition features a fresh cover and interior design, printed with a special lay-flat binding. The text is unchanged.

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––

  • General Introduction
  • Introduction to the Poetry
  • Introduction to Ecclesiastes

LESSON 1 (ECCL. 1): Who, What, and How?

LESSON 2 (ECCL. 2): Two Tests and Two Responses

LESSON 3 (ECCL. 3): Trying to Get the Big Perspective

LESSON 4 (ECCL. 4–5): Holding On to the Big Perspective

LESSON 5 (ECCL. 6:1–8:9): What Is Good in Life, and Where Shall We Look to Find It?

LESSON 6 (ECCL. 8:10–9:6): Conclusions Coming into View

LESSON 7: (ECCL. 9:7–10:20): How Then Shall We Live?

LESSON 8 (ECCL. 11–12): Living in Light of God

LESSON 9 (SONGO F SONGS, PART 1): Encountering the Song

  • Including the Introduction to Song of Songs

LESSON 10 (SONG OF SONGS, PART 2): Where There Is Love, There Is…

  • Notes for Leaders
  • Outline of Ecclesiastes
  • Outline of Song of Songs
  • Suggested Memory Passages
  • Notes on Translations and Study Helps
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