Eternal Israel

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Eternal Israel: Biblical, Theological, and Historical Studies that Uphold the Eternal Distinctive Destiny of Israel by Barry E. Horner

In Eternal Israel author Barry Horner presents a variety of biblical, theological, and historical studies that argue for the distinctive, eternal destiny of Israel. Like Horner’s 2004 work Future IsraelEternal Israel pushes back against replacement and supersessionist theology and adds further historical, exegetical, biblical and theological weight to the fundamental proposal
that God has a glorious eternal destiny for Israel.
Addressing such helpful topics as Jewish evangelism, eschatology, and Islamic views of Israel, Horner presents a wealth of information that compels readers to remember that Israel holds a key role in God’s plan for eternity.


"For those who have been unable to find their way to clear conviction about God's future for Israel and the millennial kingdom, this book is the answer. No more excuses for confusion on the subject." -John MacArthur

"Barry Horner's Eternal Israel is excellent on so many levels. This book cannot be ignored." -Michael J. Vlach, professor of theology, The Master's Seminary

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