Fair Sunshine: Character Studies of the Scottish Covenanters

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Fair Sunshine

Author: Jock Purves

Many volumes deal with that terrible yet glorious period in the history of the Scottish church between the restoration of Charles II and the accession of William III, but Fair Sunshine deserves a place alongside the very best of them. Whether Jock Purves was writing about James Guthrie at the beginning or James Renwick at the very end of this time of martyrdom and suffering there was a lyrical quality about his treatment. When taken together with his spiritual perception and moral earnestness this drives every one of these biographical chapters to the heart of the reader.

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Chronological Summary

  1. James Guthrie
  2. Hugh Mackail
  3. Richard Cameron
  4. David Hackston
  5. John Brown
  6. Margaret Maclachlan & Margaret Wilson
  7. John Nisbet
  8. James Renwick
  9. James Mitchell
  10. William Gordon
  11. John Dick
  12. Donald Cargill


An Outline of Scottish ‘Covenant History’ in the Seventeenth Century


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