Good News: The Gospel of Jesus Christ (HC)

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Good News

Author: John MacArthur

Everything the Bible has to say about the gospel is simply an exposition of its central message: Jesus Christ lived and died to save sinners. The gospel is about Him, and it answers Jesus’ key question: “Who do you say that I am?” It is good news.

In Good News: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, Dr. John MacArthur examines the Bible’s revelation of Christ and encourages Christians with the vast implications of all that Christ accomplished for them. This is a book to rekindle love and awe for the Savior.

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––

  1. Jesus Is the Messiah
  2. Jesus Is Holy
  3. Jesus Is the Only Way
  4. Jesus Is the Redeemer
  5. Jesus Is Righteous
  6. Jesus Is the Head of the Church
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