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Because of Jesus Christ, every Christian is extraordinary and attains to glory. Yet grace so shines in some (as in the portraits of Hebrews 11), that it lightens the path of many. As A.W. Tozer could write, “Next to the Holy Scriptures, the greatest aid to the life of faith may be Christian biographies.”

Iain Murray has already written on a number of Christians he specially admires. A few of them return to these pages, but with special reference to their thought — George Whitefield on Christian unity, for example. Most space, however, is given to little-known figures, including Robert Kalley and William Hewitson who shared in ‘the greatest happening in modern missions’, and to Charles and Mary Colcock Jones who took much-loved slaves with them to heaven.

There is much new research in these pages, and reminders of how much is missed by those who fail to read of the work of God in history. Christians who know what Christ did ‘yesterday’ are energized to trust and serve him today.

“To recognize heroes is not the same as ‘hero-worship’. … True Christian biography should therefore concentrate on what is edifying and for the praise of Christ. … My hope is that these pages may give young Christians a relish for old authors.”
Iain Murray (from the foreword)

This biography does exactly that—edifies the soul and praises Christ for the work He has done in the thoughts and deeds of these men of faith. Read it, and follow in their stride as the followed in the stride of Christ.

320 pp. Hardcover.

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