God's Perfect Word: The Implications of Inerrancy for the Global Church

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God's Perfect Word

General Editor: Mark Tatlock

Nothing is more foundational to global missions than one's view of the Word of God. Sadly, Western seminaries and missions agencies have done great damage to the global church by exporting widespread doubt in the veracity of God's Word. This collection of essays, written by faculty and graduates from each of The Master's Academy International's training centers around the world, illustrates the global implications of biblical inerrancy and highlights the devastating consequences of its abandonment.

The Master's Academy International (TMAI) is a network of training centers around the globe that trains pastors and church leaders to faithfully exposit God's Word and shepherd Christ's flock. Here is what others have said about TMAI: TMAI trains godly men right where they are. That means more men to rightly divide the Word, more men to faithfully shepherd God's flock, and more men to plant and build churches all over the world.

Dr. John MacArthur President | The Master's Seminary and College The Great Commission is not just about sending missionaries, but about sending God's truth through missionaries. This is only possible if we hold unswervingly to biblical inerrancy and the sufficiency of Scripture. TMAI does just that.

Paul Washer Founder | HeartCry Missionary Society The single best strategy that I know to reach the world for Christ is the training of expositors to preach God's Word. I want to urge all churches and believers everywhere to partner with TMAI. This ministry is all about God's work being done God's way for God's glory. Dr. Steven Lawson President & Founder | OnePassion Ministries A publication of TMAI tmai.org

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