Jonah & Nahum (MacArthur Old Testament Commentary, MOTC)

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The MacArthur Old Testament Commentary series, like The MacArthur New Testament Commentary series, explains the Scripture word by word, being true to the approach of expository preaching. Based on thorough exegesis in the original languages, every commentary presents the meaning and theology of the biblical text with accuracy, precision, and clarity. While each volume is designed to aid the preacher, it is also intended to be read and applied by every believer for personal edification, blessing, and joy.  



The book of Jonah demonstrates that Yahweh is the Savior of both Jews and Gentiles. Instead of immediately destroying the Ninevites for their wickedness, God raised up Jonah to proclaim God’s grace to them. The Lord affirmed that He holds the sovereign prerogative to show compassion on whomever He wishes and to deliver those who repent. This wondrous grace of God culminates in the One who fulfilled the sign of Jonah and accomplished salvation for all who acknowledge their unworthiness, repent of their sin, and believe in Him. Thus, the book of Jonah points to the work of Christ and displays the heart of God to seek and save the lost.


In a sequel to the story, over a hundred years after Jonah preached to Nineveh, God raised up Nahum to pronounce judgment on the Ninevites. While the Ninevites in Jonah’s day repented and received mercy, later generations returned to their wicked ways and became objects of God’s wrath. To these who presumed on God’s kindness, Nahum declared that the God who is gracious is also righteous and just. Ultimately, God’s promise to destroy Nineveh comforted Israel and provided hope to all His people that He will keep His Word, both to preserve the righteous and to punish the wicked.

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