Knowing Christ

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Knowing Christ

Author: Mark Jones

The Puritans loved the Bible, and dug into it in depth. Also, they loved the Lord Jesus, who is of course the Bible’s focal figure; they circled round him, centered on him, studied minutely all that Scripture had to say about him, and constantly, conscientiously, exalted him in their preaching, praises, and prayers. Mark Jones, an established expert on many aspects of Puritan thought, also loves the Bible and its Christ, and the Puritans as expositors of both; and out of this Triune love he has written a memorable unpacking of the truth about the Savior according to the classic Reformed tradition, and the Puritans supremely. Knowing Christ is a book calculated to enrich our twenty-first-century souls, and one that it is an honor to introduce. From the forward by J.I. Packer

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––

  1. Christ’s Declaration
  2. Christ’s Dignity
  3. Christ’s Covenant
  4. Christ’s Incarnation
  5. Christ’s Divinity
  6. Christ’s Humanity
  7. Christ’s Companion
  8. Christ’s Faith
  9. Christ’s Emotions
  10. Christ’s Growth
  11. Christ’s Reading
  12. Christ’s Prayers
  13. Christ’s Sinlessness
  14. Christ’s Temptations
  15. Christ’s Humiliation
  16. Christ’s Transfiguration
  17. Christ’s Miracles
  18. Christ’s Sayings
  19. Christ’s Death
  20. Christ’s Resurrection
  21. Christ’s Exaltation
  22. Christ’s Intercession
  23. Christ’s People
  24. Christ’s Wrath
  25. Christ’s Face
  26. Christ’s Names
  27. Christ’s Offices

Paperback. 256 pp.

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