MacArthur Bible Studies (MBS) - Acts: The Spread of the Gospel

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MBS: Acts (2nd Ed.)

Author: John MacArthur

Riots. Intolerance. Accusations. Scandal. Beatings. Plots. Arrests. Executions. Murder...And out of that, the Church was born.

Pastor John MacArthur will take you through the story of the earliest Christian movement to show how—even in the midst of persecution and opposition—the early believers were able to rely on God's spirit for direction and divine authority to preach the gospel to all nations.

The book of Acts is a carefully-recorded history of the explosive spread of the gospel and the rapid growth of the church after Christ's ascension. In one of the most tumultuous, violent and dramatic books in the entire Bible, Acts starts with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, without which the young church could never have survived the unleashing of rage and prejudice towards these radical followers of The Way.

Throughout Acts, God shows His infinite power regardless of the circumstances, just as He continues to do today.

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