The Murder of Jesus

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The Murder of Jesus

Author: John MacArthur

The pieces are in place. The curtain rises for the final act. God is about to die.

An unprecedented conspiracy of injustice, cruelty, and religious and political interests sentenced a man guilty of no crimes to the most barbaric method of execution ever devised. The victim was no mere man. Jesus was God in the flesh. The Creator of life died.

How did such a thing come to be? Who were the onlookers, the players, the fakes, frauds, and heroes? What was it like in the Upper Room that night, in the shadows of Gethsemane, or in the Praetorium awaiting Pilate's verdict? What is the meaning of the last words Jesus uttered as He gasped for breath on the cross? What if all the facts you now so well could come alive in your ind and heart as a living story, rather than as a 2000-year-old ancient account?

By piecing together the narrative from the perspective of the participants, John MacArthur invites you to relive the most awesome injustice in the history of man, the unparalleled triumph of the sovereignty of God, and the passion of Christ.

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––

  1. The Plot to Kill Jesus
  • The Conspiracy Is Born
  • Christ Is Anointed for His Burial
  • The Traitor Makes His Deal
  1. The Last Passover
  • The Last Passover Prepared
  • The Feast Eaten
  • The Evil Deed Foretold
  • The Traitor Unmasked
  • A New Feast Instituted
  1. A Warning against Over-Confidence
  • The Disciples’ Insufficiency
  • Christ’s Perfect Sufficiency
  1. The Agony in the Garden
  • His Sorrow
  • His Supplication
  • His Submission
  1. The Kiss of the Traitor
  • A Mob Approaches
  • The Evil Deed Is Done
  • A Slaughter Is Averted
  • The Disciple Flee
  1. The Kangaroo Court of the High Priest
  • A Cowardly Nighttime Trial
  • A Solicitation of False Testimony
  • A Desperate Attempt to Get Jesus to Incriminate Himself
  • A Predetermined Verdict
  • Ruthless Cruelty
  1. Peter’s Denial
  • The Groundwork for Failure
  • Spiritual Defeat
  • Repentance
  1. Crucifixion Morning
  • The Strategizing of the Sanhedren
  • The Suicide of Judas
  • The Sanctimony of the Temple Authorities
  1. What Shall I Do with Jesus?
  • The Crowd’s Accusation
  • Pilate’s Verdict
  • Jesus’ Silence
  • Pilate’s Predicament
  • Herod’s Turn
  • The Cord’s Hostility
  • The Governor’s Acquiescence
  1. Murder at Golgotha
  • The Mockery
  • The Shame
  • The Curse
  • The Pain
  • The Humiliation
  1. The Seven Last Sayings of Christ
  • A Plea for Forgiveness
  • A Promise of Salvation
  • A Provision for His Mother
  • A Petition to the Father
  • A Pleading for Relief
  • A Proclamation of Victory
  • A Prayer of Consummation
  1. All Creation Groans
  • The Sun Darkened
  • The Veil Torn
  • The Earth Shaken
  • The Dead Raised
  • The Centurion Saved
  • The Drama Ended

250 pp. Softcover.

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