Old Testament Evangelistic Sermons

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Old Testament Evangelistic Sermons

Author: Martyn Lloyd-Jones

‘I have not heard such preaching for years…I wish every minister of the Lord in America could have heard the sermons I have heard from this anointed servant of the Lord.’ So wrote Dr. Wilbur M. Smith of Fuller Theological Seminary, in Moody Monthly, after hearing Martyn Lloyd-Jones preach an evangelistic sermon from the Old Testament. In Old Testament Evangelistic Sermons a major selection of such sermons is now published for the first time, and the reasons for Wilbur Smith’s enthusiasm will become clear. For while much of Dr. Lloyd-Jones’ published expositions are designed to help those who are already Christians, he regarded himself, first of all, as an evangelist. Recognizing that no-one is a Christian by nature, he saw that the primary calling of the church lay in presenting the message of the gospel to the non-believer, the unconcerned and the sceptic.

The question of how to preach the gospel effectively today is difficult for many to answer; that it can be done from the Old Testament is frequently doubted. The importance of Old Testament Evangelistic Sermons lies in the way it illustrates the answer to these difficulties. Its pages are alive with the power of the gospel expressed in sermons which unintentionally provide models to encourage similar biblically relevant and powerful preaching.

Called from his background of medicine and science, Lloyd-Jones, first in South Wales, then in the heart of London, exercised an enormously influential ministry. He consistently sounded the notes of the folly of faith in man with all his moral failure, and of the glory of the gospel of Christ in whom alone salvation and hope are to be found. Again and again these sermons demonstrate that the Christian faith is not merely another religion among many; it alone has the message which can bring us to the knowledge of God and make this life the way to heaven.

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––

Introduction by Iain H. Murray: The Evangelistic Use of the Old Testament in the Preaching of Dr. Lloyd-Jones

  1. The Only Explanation: Genesis 3:8-9
  2. Before and After Penuel: The Evidence of True Conversion: Genesis 32:24
  3. Penuel: The Life-Changing Meeting: Genesis 32:24
  4. The Approach to the Gospel: Exodus 3:3-5
  5. False Safety: Judges 18:7, 28
  6. When the Gods Fall: 1 Samuel 5:1-4
  7. What is Sin? 2 Samuel 12:13
  8. Biblical Psychology: 1 Kings 1:41
  9. Making Use of God: 1 Kings 14:1
  10. The Disease Man Cannot Cure: 2 Kings 5:1
  11. The Gospel and the Natural Man: 2 Kings 5:8-16
  12. Assessing the Old and the Modern: 2 Chronicles 10:8
  13. The One Question: Job 9:1-2
  14. The Wrong Questions: Job 21:14-15
  15. Four Pictures off Life: Psalm 107
  16. Why Men Reject God: Isaiah 8:6-7
  17. Sound an Alarm: Isaiah 22:8-14
  18. From the Mirage to Christ: Isaiah 35:7
  19. Facing Reality: Jeremiah 30:18, 19
  20. The Amazing Gospel: Jeremiah 30:18, 19
  21. No Feasting: No Christianity: Zechariah 8:19
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